New York Times Digital Access

Breaking news! Your Montrose Regional Library District card now provides you with 72-hour complimentary, unlimited access to the New York Times digital edition.

To get started, follow these three simple steps:

1. Click on the New York Times under Online Tools on the library website, and enter your name and library card number.
2. Click on “Create Account” and fill out the required fields on the following page, if you don’t yet have a New York Times account. If you already have an account, click on “Log In” and fill in your username and password.
3. Happy reading! You now have unlimited access to the digital edition of the New York Times! When your 72-hour pass expires, you can reactivate your pass by revisiting the New York Times link under Online Tools.

See our Quickstart Guide for step-by-step instructions with screenshots. Call 970-249-9656, ext. 3, if you have questions.