Activities for the Week of June 1

Happy National Trails Day, Montrose! If you’re heading out to celebrate this just-for-fun holiday, remember your sunscreen, water, and masks. Here are this week’s activities for you. Follow along on our Facebook group for daily posts, and check back Monday for next week’s engagements. For previous posts, click here.


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Check out these awesome short story prompts for you to write to! Want to keep a jounral or a notebook, but not sure where to get started? Check out Amy VanDerwater’s website that shares journalling and notebooking examples from a wide variety of writers.  Become a digital volunteer and help transcribe historical documents.
Join creator Kimberli Johnson as she reads her book Emiline: Knight in Training. After, have fun learning to draw Emiline’s unicorn, Fluffkin! Like mythology? Ever wonder where Dragon Ball Z comes from? Check out The Journey to the West, as summarized by Overly Sarcastic Productions. You can also check out the original story here.  Pray, did thou hear? The Merry Wives of Windsor from Shakespeare’s Globe will screen on merry YouTube until June 7.
Make soft clay with only 2 ingredients and no cooking! Add a touch of style to your bedroom with your very own home-made lamp.  Learn how to make your own dill pickles with Alton Brown.
Need to get up and moving? Check Out PE with Joe the Body Coach! He had a lesson for each day this week. Stretch Out with Adrienne and her 20 Minutes of Full Body Flow.
Make a virus model to see how a virus will react to hand soap.  Free math comic book by Jim McClain.  Check out how a virus spreads with the MythBusters!
First, make an I Spy Bottle–then share it with a family member for them to find hidden objects.  Explore the amazing facilities of NASA with this 360 tour.  Want to find out what National Park you should visit when they’re open? Check out Find Your Park!
Escape from Star Killer Base by completing this Star Wars themed Digital Escape Room! Can be played as a team or an individual.  Watch the Royal Opera House present Cinderella, available until June 5.