Activities for the Week of May 11

Hello, Montrose! Here are this week’s activities for you. Follow along on our Facebook group for daily posts, and check back Monday for next week’s engagements. For previous posts, click here.


Theme Youth Activities Teen Activities Adult Activities
 Create a vision board to map out goals or ideas. Check out a new series from Crash Course, starting with this video on the writing process.
Fun for all ages – celebrities are taking turns reading chapters of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone as part of Harry Potter At Home – the first chapter is read by Daniel Radcliffe!
 Make a pair of butterfly wings — easy to adjust for kids of all ages!
 Draw your ideal bookshelf with one of four templates. Show off your design on our Montrose Facebook Group, linked above!
Check out the vintage knitting patterns from the Victoria and Albert Museum.
 Let’s move with Laurie Berkner and We are the Dinosaurs. It’s Archaeology Month! Jam out to a compilation of popular songs for you to dance to.  Try this 5 minute warm-up before your next workout.
 Explore the night sky around Montrose or anywhere in the world.  Want to experiment but stuck for where to start? NASA has you covered with a whole page full of STEM projects for you to try.  NASA is about to launch a whole new era of human spaceflight with the Commercial Crew Program.
Find your dinosaur personality during Archaeology Month  Explore famous areas, or areas that should be famous, through this Secret Door. Find a place for each puzzle piece with jigzone — new puzzles daily and a huge back catalog.
 Google has re-released some of its most popular Doodle Games! Take a look at the catalog here.  Have you already played through all the board games you have at home? Let the Instructables guide you on how to make your own!  Take a tour of five national parks with these stunning visuals from Google Arts & Culture.