Activities for the Week of May 18

Hello, Montrose! Here are this week’s activities for you. Follow along on our Facebook group for daily posts, and check back Monday for next week’s engagements. For previous posts, click here.


Theme Youth Activities Teen Activities Adult Activities
 Take a look at comparative mythologies and how you can use them in stories.  Curious about starting a bullet journal? Here are some beginner’s tips to get you started!  What is a bullet journal and how to get started.
Like Star Wars? Check out how to create story stones of Chewbacca and porgs to tell your own Start Wars stories!  Read the 1884 version of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven, complete with illustrations! Then check out the Library of Congress’s list of other classics available for free.  As we all struggle to cope with the realities brought about by our current global pandemic, join Wick Poetry Center Director David Hassler of Kent State University broadcasted on Don’t miss it, RSVP now!
 Got some excess toilet paper rolls? Use them to make your own shadow projections!  10 Fun crafty projects from the Dollar Store.  Make your own dandelion soup!
 No link this week! Try to move a spoon from one end of a table to the other without directly touching the spoon. Show off your method on Thursday’s Facebook Post!
 Want to build a rocket and a rocket launcher? Check out this guide from NASA!  Featuring a team of teens, each with special skills, Global Problem Solvers: The Series emphasizes the value of teamwork, the application of STEM for problem solving, and the importance of social entrepreneurship to create sustainable solutions within communities.  Learn all about volcanoes today.
Take this activity sheet along with you on your next walk or drive and have your kiddos hunt for all the colors of the rainbow!  Challenge your geographical skills and find all 13 South American Countries!  Running out of creative ways to spend your time while social distancing? How about a scavenger hunt to give you a break from the same old routine and perhaps even spark a few new ideas! Please share your photos and videos on our on this post so everyone can join in on the fun!
 Time for some magic tricks!
For beginners
More advanced tricks
 Check out all the insider tours Denver Zoo is offering during it’s closure. Bonus, there is a Baby Rhino Cam!  Take a 360 tour of the Longmont Museum’s exhibit ‘Because the World is Round’ by Terry Maker.