Activities for the Week of May 25

Happy Memorial Day, Montrose! Here are this week’s activities for you. Follow along on our Facebook group for daily posts, and check back Monday for next week’s engagements. For previous posts, click here.


Theme Youth Activities Teen Activities Adult Activities
 Practice letters, numbers, and shapes in a sensory writing tray.  Want to learn more about how to make great characters for your stories? Check out Chris Tebbett’s “Four Elements of Character Workshop.”  Enjoy this classic game with your friends and family.
 Take a look at this comic from Princess in Black for best practices during our time of social distancing.   Check out the first chapter of Maus by Art Spiegelman, then discuss what you thought on our Facebook post, with friends or wherever.  Tor provides hundreds of free science fiction and fantasy short stories, poems, and comics. Narrow by topic – Horror! Technothriller! Western!
 Learn how to make dinosaur eggs!  Enjoy some target practice with your own bow-and-arrow!  Make a cute up-cycled bag out of that shirt you cleaned out of your closet, but don’t want to get rid of. No sewing required!
 Do you have a webcam attached to your computer? Try out this motion sensor code program and get some indoor exercise! A less busy background helps with the video sensing code block on Scratch.  Have fun with this quick dance warm up!  20-minute guided meditation focused on mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety.
 Ever wanted to make your own fossil? Now you can!  Check out Crash Course History of Science to learn more about how people have experimented with different sciences all through history. Get started with this video on “Keeping Time in the Americas.”  How to Win Science Fairs as a Grown-Up Adult
 Ride or walk the bike path from the Recreation Center to River Bottom Park. How many different waterways can you find?  Find some chill – learn about mindfulness, getting a handle on that stress, and letting your brain take a break.  Show off your knowledge of US History by pinpointing the acquisitions of United States Territory.
 Why are butterflies and frogs so important?  Play Leaps and Flutters with Climate Kids to find out!  Sometimes, the best thing you can do for yourself is watch a live, streaming video of kittens being absolutely adorable.  Enjoy dozens of free films made by Indigenous directors in Canada.