Adulting 101: Applying for a Job – September 18

Applying for a Job
Janice Becker, MRC
(Career Coach at Becker Career Counseling, LLC)
A course to teach adults the basics of applying for a job.
September 18, from 6 pm to 8 pm
Montrose Library Meeting Room

Join Janice Becker as she helps us understand the basics of how to apply for a job – typical elements of applications, how to compose a cover letter and describe work history (or lack thereof), and the role of social media. This event is geared toward young adults, but the event is open to adults of all ages.

Janice E. Becker of Becker Career Counseling, LLC has spent over 28 years career counseling for job seekers of various ages and backgrounds (including working with people with disabilities and inmates in prison).  She truly believes in lifelong learning and that it is a choice.  She brings a wealth of educational experience and humor to her workshops.  She received her Master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling from Utah State University.


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Adults of any age are welcome!
Refreshments will be served.