Escape the Library!–SOLD OUT


An Escape Room is a live-action game in which players use clues to solve puzzles to escape a “locked” room.  Escape Rooms are popular worldwide as entertainment and as team-building games.  Challenge your powers of deduction in Escape the Library:  Final Exam.  The scenario:  Morgan Elementary School closed a week ago due the deaths and disappearances of some teachers.  You and other school staff have been summoned to the school for questioning in these events.  As you gather in the principal’s office, you realize that a deranged former student was responsible for the deaths and has locked you inside.  If you cannot escape the room within an hour, you will be the next victims!

This event is free and open to all adults 18 and over.  Reservations are required.  Six players per session:  Friday, October 27 and Saturday, October 28 at 4:00, 6:00, and 8:00pm each day.

Call or text your reservations to 970-314-3344.