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The Montrose Regional Library offers delivery service right to your door for specific items. Contact Outreach Services at 970-964-2556 for more information.

The Libraries of Montrose County Foundation encourages community investment through gifts and initiatives to ensure the people of Montrose County the full measure of resources, services and access befitting great libraries.

Mission statement adopted January 2006.

The Libraries of Montrose County Foundation currently hosts two major fundraising efforts: Permanent Book Funds, and the Literature for Life Scholarship.


With a donation  of $2,500 or more to the Foundation—paid in full or in installments —you can establish your own Permanent Book Fund.  Your gift will be invested in perpetuity, with its income used to purchase books and other materials each year.  What better way to honor a family member or friend, or commemorate a special occasion such as an anniversary, than to support our libraries?  For years to come, your generous gift will be used and appreciated by readers at the library.

If you would like to learn more about Permanent Book Funds—the gift that keeps giving and growing to provide books for generations to come—contact Paul Paladino at foundation @ or (970) 964-2550.


The Libraries of Montrose County Foundation believes that reading opens up a lifetime of information, inspiration and pleasure to those who make reading a lifelong habit. To encourage this discipline, the Foundation now offers the Literature for Life scholarship based on reading great literature and thinking seriously about its content. This scholarship opportunity is available to residents of Montrose County attending a 4-year academic institution.

Would you like to become one of the founding donors of this new effort? A $2,500 gift would fund one week of scholarship grant per year forever, while a $500 gift would fund a recipient’s books for an academic year. This donation may be contributed in lump sum or monthly over 50 months. If you would like more information please contact Paul Paladino at 970-964-2550 or email foundation @