About Geodes

The purpose of geodes is to showcase the work of local poets and connect them with each other and the community. It is published five times a year, every other month, skipping December.  The deadline for submissions for the next issue of geodes is Monday, June 4 at 8:00 pm. Deliver or mail them to the Montrose Library, or e-mail them to mnagel@montroselibrary.org with the label “Geodes” in the subject line. Be sure to include your name, address, phone and e-mail.

Poems for each issue are selected by a group of two or three local poets.  If you are interested in helping to choose poems for future issues, please contact Meg Nagel at the library.

Submissions should be typed in an easy to read font, not script or all capitals. Subject matter is open, but should be suitable for the general public. We are happy to print the works of beginners. Shorter poems are preferred as space constraints will not allow us to print all the wonderful poems we receive.  Poems are subject to minor editing.  Poets wanting to confer with the selectors are encouraged to call the phone number below.

The next Open Mic is scheduled for Monday, February 3 as part of the “For the Love of Words” writers party. It will be held in the library meeting room. Call the library at 970-964-2548 for more information.

Thank you to the Friends of the Montrose Library for their continuing support.  More information about the Friends of the Library.