Montrose Kids’ News

Montrose County wins recognition as one of America’s 100 Best Communities for Young People!  This is a national award that recognizes communities in which all sectors are working together “to keep kids healthy, safe, and in school to be better prepared for the future.”  The library was one of five agencies that collaborated to brainstorm and write a strong proposal, demonstrating with statistics and stories the many ways that we are collectively striving to help our community’s children.  The entities that pooled their efforts to win this recognition included Montrose County, the City of Montrose, the Montrose Recreation District, the Montrose Community Foundation, the Montrose/Olathe School District, and the Montrose Regional Library District!  Only 100 communities were chosen from across the nation out of over 300 applicants.  In Colorado, we were one of only three winners, and THE ONLY ONE FROM THE WESTERN SLOPE!