We offer many things for young adults to do at the Montrose Library. Click on the tabs below for all the info.

Contact the Young Adult Department:
(970) 249-2558     adickinson@montroselibrary.org

Teen(ish) Book Club

Book Nerds Unite! Like to read and discuss? Want a free book? Join us for Teen(ish) Book Club monthly in the library’s meeting room.

Recommended for ages 13(ish)-18(ish). Recent selections have included The Gilded Ones, The Inheritance Games, and Shadow and Bone. Members vote on upcoming selections and on the date and time of book clubs.

These are casual conversations to which all are invited! The first 15 registrants always receive a free copy of the book.

Up next, The Diviners by Libba Bray! The book club will take place on Wednesday, December 14, from 4:30-5:30pm in the library’s Meeting Room. This title recommended for 14+.

REGISTER HERE for the book club or email adickinson@montroselibrary.org for more information, and check the Montrose Library Facebook page to find out the latest.

Teen(ish) Makers Series

Ready to try something new? Join us for the Teen(ish) Maker Series, and experiment with art, music, and other creative pursuits. Recent workshops have explored the art of book folding, the ukulele, and sushi-making. Upcoming workshops include a self-defense workshop and art class.

Details on dates and times coming soon.

REGISTER HERE or email adickinson@montroselibrary.org for more information

Educator’s Newsletter

The Montrose Regional Library Educator Newsletter features snippets of information on upcoming programs and library resources that may be of use to educators (including parent educators!) or your students.

Read the newsletter below. If you would like to receive the digital version of the newsletter, published three times a year, submit your name and email address to https://bit.ly/MRLDednewsletter.


Teen(ish) Literary Magazine

The Teen(ish) Literary Magazine is now available! Stop by the Montrose Library’s Teen Space or Delta County Libraries to pick up a free copy of the magazine while they last. Read the work of dozens of young local authors, from poetry to graphic short stories to novel excerpts! If we run out of copies, and you haven’t yet read it, a copy will soon be available for check-out with your library card.

Stay tuned for details in 2023 on submissions for the next edition.

Email any questions to adickinson@montroselibrary.org.

Teen(ish) Game Nights

Teen(ish) Game Nights occur roughly every other month, alongside occasional Teen(ish) Trivia Nights.

Game Nights feature snacks (and pizza, if we’re lucky), Nintendo Switches, VR headsets, and lots of video and board game options. Feel free to bring your own controllers. For ages 11(ish) to 18(ish).

The next Teen(ish) Game Night takes place on Thursday, December 1, from 4-6pm in the library’s meeting room. Bring a friend and your Mario Kart skills!

REGISTER HERE or email adickinson@montroselibrary.org for more information.

TAB (Teen Advisory Board)

The Montrose Library’s Teen Advisory Board is chance to connect and influence decision-making in the library!

TAB members currently lead a redesign of the teen space in the library, plan and help run programming for teens (like trivia and game nights), and advise library staff on decisions that impact teens in the library and the community. TAB is a good way to accumulate volunteer hours, beef up your resume, and meet other bookish teens. Attendance at all meetings is not mandatory – come to as many as you can.

Email Amy D. at adickinson@montroselibrary.org or text her at 970-275-9383 for info on how to join.

Teen Writing Contest Winner

Congratulations to Kaydence Lang, winner of the Teen-ish Fall Writing Contest for their story “Dead Souls,” a tale full of chills and atmospheric dread. Thanks to the Teen Writing Contest team, led by Keyla Luna, of the Teen Advisory Board for their work in imagining, publicizing, and judging this contest.

May we present, if you dare, “Dead Souls,” by Kaydence Lang.


Dead Souls

By Kaydence Lang

It was a dark night. The lonely souls walked on the moonlit path. Their haunting song of loss carried out over the field. The terrified farmer took refuge in the red abandoned barn. The fearful scream of the farmer’s wife reached his ears as he stood in terror, too much of a coward to see what was happening. Then the world went silent. The floorboards beneath his feet creaked as he reached for the pitchfork leaning against the rotted wood wall. His breathing hitched. He used the toe of his boot to nudge open the door and ever so cautiously stepped onto the dying grass outside. The sky grew cloudy, blocking the moonlight. A rabid, vicious howl came from the nearby wood. The farmer stepped back, repressing the urge to take cover.

“Papa!” shrieked a little girl. “Help, they got me!”

He broke into a run. Headed toward the all too familiar voice of his daughter. Running through the long dead grass, memories of distant happier times popped up in the forefront of his mind. The colors started to blur, mixing present with past. The shrieking got louder and louder. He knew his daughter was near. A sudden thought struck him, his daughter was dead… Wasn’t she? His daughter died three years ago. Out of nowhere a small shadow figure popped up in front of him with eyes gouged, blood dripping from the sockets. The horror shone on the farmer’s face as he was struck with a realization it was his dead daughter. His face turned as white as a ghost. He took three steps back, then “thump.” He stood there in shock. The farmer slowly turned around and there was his wife and all one thousand of his dead relatives: his aunts, his uncles, grandparents, cousins, and pets. None of them had eyes and red liquid poured out. His breath started to get heavy, then his body started to give up. The farmer looked up at his dead daughter.

“Why?” his shaky, wispy voice cried out.

“Because You Did This To Us!” they all cried out. The farmer took his last breath. He darted up from his bed in horror. He walked outside to go to the barn and heard the same shrieking from his ‘Dream.’

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