One Book 4 Colorado, April 9 – 23

One Book 4 Colorado – April 9-23

Get a FREE BOOK for your 4-year-old at the library!

One Book 4 Colorado, started in 2012, gives away over 75,000 copies of the same book to each 4-year-old in the state in English and Spanish through public libraries and Denver Preschool Program classrooms.

Research shows that 4-year-olds that have access to books and adults that read to them often will be much more likely to be ready to read when they start kindergarten.  For low-income families, access to quality books and early literacy efforts are even more important as research shows that children in low-income families tend to have fewer books in their homes and are exposed to 30 million fewer words before the age of four than their higher-income peers.  One Book 4 Colorado aims to close this vocabulary gap by getting a book into the home of every four-year-old in Colorado and fostering a culture of reading.

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