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The Montrose Regional Library parking lot is now open. Thank you for your patience.

Passwords are here! You will be prompted to reset your password when you log in to your library account. Call us at 970-249-9656 if you have any problems and we will get you set with your new password. 

Why are Marmot libraries implementing passwords?

The library profession prioritizes the protection of patron privacy as a core tenant of the Library Bill of Rights. Colorado law also requires that “reasonable steps” be taken to protect personally identifiable information. Implementing passwords for access to patron data is a reasonable step.
Passwords are for more than just keeping patron reading history private. Personally identifiable information such as personal contact information can be more easily accessed without passwords in place – information that has the potential to result in identity theft or other crimes.

Why is this level of security being put into place now?

Colorado law has recently changed such that this level of security is required. There have been dramatic nationwide and worldwide increases in cyber crime, identity theft, and the commodification of personally identifiable information. This level of security is more important now than in the past.

Can a patron still use their library card if they forgot their passwords?

Yes. Patrons can still use their library card for in-library checkouts at the circulation desk.

How do patrons without an email address reset their passwords?

If a patron does not have an email address in their account they will need to contact the library staff to have their password reset.


Patrons are encouraged to monitor their password security and reset it if they think it might be compromised.