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Agents-of-DreamlandStaff Picks
January 6, 2022

Staff Picks October 2021

Cliff ’s pick, from our Naturita branch: “Agents of Dreamland” by Caitlin R. Kiernan. Effective horror fiction often uses implication and the dread of the unseen to build an overpowering…
Staff Picks
June 24, 2021

Staff Picks June 2021

Kirsten’s pick: “Wisconsin Death Trip” by Michael Lesy. This is one of those books that you would never pull off the shelf and read. The author of “A Reliable Wife”…
The-Water-KnifeStaff Picks
March 25, 2021

Staff Picks March 2021

Cliff’s pick, from our Naturita branch: “The Water Knife” by Paolo Bacigalupi. I lived in Phoenix for twelve years, and was continually struck by the sheer unsustainability of the city.…