Request For Proposals

1) E-Rate 2019-2020 [Category 1 RFP Form 470]  Due Midnight 13-March-2019

2) E-Rate 2019-2020 [Category 2 RFP Form 470]  Due Midnight 13-March-2019

Notes (13-FEB-2019)

  • Read thru each bid and answer EVERY question.
  • Label your bids with the company name that is attached to your SPIN number (last year we had bids come in with one name – Company A, but their SPIN number was actually associated with a different/older/dba name – Company B).
  • Erate isn’t a fishing expedition – do NOT send generic sales pitches.  Bids are SPECIFIC, so only send info on the items listed in the 470 RFP.

Lets try and keep everything on track this year.