The Cathy White and Iva Brattebo Permanent Book Fund

This mother and daughter duo reads more books in a week than most people read in a year.  Cathy said that she “can barely function without a book in hand and a stack on the nightstand,” and Iva directed an elementary school library. These women are serious patrons, and so it was a “no-brainer” for them to create a Permanent Book Fund.  “For anyone who loves books, this is a meaningful way to give,” she said.  Their Fund will support adult fiction and large print fiction (Iva also has macular degeneration).

Iva said that Cathy didn’t play with toys as a child…just books.  Cathy added that, “My mom took me to the library before I could walk and I have always considered it a second home and my library card absolutely one of my most precious possessions.”  Cathy prefers thrillers, especially political, legal, and medical.  Her bookbag contained Daniel Silva’s Portrait of a Spy and Full Black by Brad Thor.  She likes topical themes, and she reads cookbooks as though they were novels.  She’s also a fan of the magazines, and she always chooses a balanced batch, mixing education with entertainment (think Fortune and People).

Iva enjoys fiction and biographies, and “books that don’t have twenty characters to keep straight.”  In her bookbag were some westerns by Todhunter Ballard and a medical thriller by Michael Palmer, and she thinks that she might want to read Dick Cheney’s autobiography, In My Time, to “find out what he has to say.”  Her curiosity during our interview was palpable, as was Cathy’s respect for her.  “My mom has always been the person I most look up to and I am blessed to have such a great role model,” Cathy said.

When they talk about the Montrose Regional Library, it’s as though they’re proud parents describing a child’s accomplishments.  They rave about the programs for children and adults, and the great staff.  The Interlibrary Loan department has “gotten us every book we ever asked for.”  “The Library has been a huge part of our lives.  It’s an invaluable resource,” said Iva.