The Merry Chris Jones Permanent Book Fund

Linda Copley first heard about Permanent Book Funds at a Foundation event with nature photographer John Fielder last year, and she immediately thought that a Fund would be a perfect way to honor her daughter, Chris Jones, and to bless the community.   Linda lost Chris in an accident when she was twelve years old.  Linda said, “From a very early age, Chris became a voracious reader.  She seemed to never be without a book to read.”  Linda credits some of it to their many visits to the tiny library in their Florida town.

However, as a retired educator, Linda is on a tight budget, and she initially thought that a $2,500 gift was out of the question.   Two unexpected windfalls brought $2,250 into her lap, and she added the remainder from her monthly resources, and thus was born the Merry Chris Jones Permanent Book Fund.

Not surprisingly, Linda has selected children’s books for her Fund’s purchases, and she has designated all four libraries in Montrose County (Montrose, Naturita, Nucla, Paradox) and the bookmobile to receive the books.  Having lived in Norwood, Linda knows the need for libraries in the West End of Montrose County.  And as a former employee, the Montrose Regional Library has a special place in her heart.

“I know that nothing would have made Chris happier than to have a Fund in her name, producing such benefits for young readers,” Linda said.  “And seizing this opportunity is immensely fulfilling for me.”  Linda is excited to receive the list in December of all the books that were purchased with the Fund.  “It will be wonderful Christmas reading for me!” she said.