Tuesday Tanglers – August 27

Come and join the Tuesday Tanglers every 2nd and 4th Tuesday, from 5:30 to 7:00. Listen to soothing music while you tangle your way into a state of relaxation. No prior experience is required and basic informational pamphlets will be available for newbies. Each session will also include two new tangle patterns for you to try, or you can browse through any of the available tangling pattern books for inspiration. Basic supplies will be provided, as well as recommended resources for additional supplies that you can purchase if (when) you find yourself bitten by the tangling bug.

What the heck is a tangler? I’m glad you asked. In this context, “tangling” refers to the creation of a Zentangle© — a step-by-step, formalized approach to creating structured designs through the drawing of various patterns. A tangler, therefore, is a person who creates Zentangles.

Can’t wait to tangle with you!